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Narrowboats, Barges and Longboats

Boats on the canals and rivers of the UK have got a range of names and descriptions and generally these are used to specify particular types and areas of use.

Barges are generally wider boats and these operate on the rivers and broad canals. Narrowboats are called this because they are designed to be used on the canals in the UK that are mostly only can take boats that are 7ft wide. Longboats is a term that has been largely made uo in error and does not actually refer to anything! It is a confusion between long ships of Viking fame and narrowboats.


layout of a typical narrowboat, barge or longboat.

The layout above is just one of many variations available, but it does serve to illustrate what is possible. Fixed double beds, spacious showers and a very practical galley (kitchen) are all features of the modern boats. Steering is by means of the tiller at the rear of the boat and the controls are simplicity itself!

narrowboat cruising through Worcester. Also sometimes refered to as barges or long boats.



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